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How are our tours going?

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How are our tours going? 20.10.2018 00:00

Who has an enormous sweet tooth? In most of the cases, of course, kids! These adorable flowers of our lives “ do business ” for many sweets manufacturers. Indeed, it really is difficult for us, parents, to resist when a child asks for a sweet treat) But! In everything, measure and the quality of the product is needed! 

Our task was to attract little consumers with a tasty, sweet, and healthy product! When we were thinking about the production of our nut butter, we initially focused on the "small audience".
Having been on the Uzbek market for 5 years, we were able to win the trust of many consumers, in particular, people who value healthy food.

We would also be very fortunate if the children understood this. Therefore, our team came up with an idea - organizing tours to our production factory. This is where children could plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of making delicious peanut butter, see all the stages of production and participate (!)  in the process of making nut butter.

photos are provided by the editors of, who came to visit us
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There is a constant dialogue between us and children - questions and answers. We also tried to include to the presentation key points about how important it is to protect nature and the issues of global warming. Children listen with interest, watch thematic cartoons and conduct experiments. And, of course, the most interesting thing is making peanut butter with your own hands! This is where there are no limits to their admiration. Each child takes a jar of peanut butter prepared on his/her own so that she can share a useful product with her/his loved ones at home, with family, and tell about his impressions of an interesting tour.

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A start was made. We could not even imagine such a genuine interest of children and their parents in our project! We conduct tours in an interactive manner, where we talk about the benefits of nuts, how they grow, interesting facts, the entire presentation is broadcast through a video projector to the screen, and the children not only listen, but also see what they are told about.

Dear parents, our tours - is an exciting process where your children will gain important knowledge, learn to take care of nature and, most importantly, understand how important it is to eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, healthy children are the main priority of our life!



Tour to our manufactory!
Tour to our manufactory!
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