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How our tours helped the Environment!

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How our tours helped the Environment! 13.09.2019 00:00

We all know how crucial it is to instill in our children the values of love for the country and the nature of their native land. Therefore, in each of our presentations during the tour, we explain to children every aspect of ecology, how important it is to protect nature, and what the scale and consequences of global warming are.

Our goal is also for every child to realize how important it is to become a small link in supporting the chain of our country’s ecology.

Plant a tree with "NUTECO PREMIUM" - is our concept!
We always ask our little explorers, what are trees for? And we get the following answers:
- ANSWER 1 - trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which allows the planet and us, humans, to breathe;
- ANSWER 2 - trees give shade, otherwise, our planet would look like a scorched desert;
- ANSWER 3 - trees give fruits, which feed both people and animals;
- ANSWER 4 - trees create beauty around us.

These are the answers we mainly get from children. And they are right! The good news is that for the most part, children know how important trees are for humanity. This is a problem of the whole world, in many countries, there are tree-planting actions.
We did not want to campaign, we tried to convey the importance of this event to every child in plain language. After all, to become a good human being, one must start small – simply by respecting the environment!

Our efforts were not in vain! We began to receive photo reports of our children about how they planted trees! It was a breakthrough!

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