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Ecocity! The main healthy lifestyle event in your city!

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Ecocity! The main healthy lifestyle event in your city! 29.07.2020 23:32

Healthy lifestyle, we hear these words, nowadays, more and more often. Undoubtedly, it is not just a trend; it is the reality of life now! After all, a healthy person is a harmoniously developed personality in everything, who can and wants to succeed in everything – realization of life plans, ability to cope with difficulties, living a full happy life. Note that a healthy lifestyle provides a person with physical, mental, and social well-being, as well as, active longevity!


Healthy eating is one of the main priorities of a healthy lifestyle.
Our company aims to promote the development of healthy food culture in Uzbekistan by providing high-quality ecological products (nut butter and nut flour). Therefore, we happily accepted the invitation to participate in the "ECOGOROD festival "! The main healthy lifestyle event in your city!" It was a wonderful day - a day of a healthy lifestyle! The festival presented products made from environmentally friendly products, all-natural and healthy. All for the well-being of our society!

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We were surprised to meet so many like-minded people who follow a healthy diet in the face of various companies producing natural products! We were happy to see that there indeed are a huge number of people who value their health and the health of their loved ones, those who have long been pursuing healthy eating, and those who are just mastering this way to improve their health!

We presented delicious, healthy, and natural nut butter in the assortment from NUTECO PREMIUM (guests of the festival could taste and buy what they liked). It was nice to hear words of gratitude from our regular customers, those who are already familiar with our products and love them with all their hearts❤️

But we were even more inspired to move forward that our delicious nut butter found new admirers at this festival! And there were a lot of them!

The most exciting was the fact that we have gained a lot more admirers! 
We enjoyed the spirit of joy, happiness, and unity of people, who pursue the same goal in their lives –a healthy lifestyle!

Indeed health- is the most valuable gift of all!

Tour to our manufactory!
Tour to our manufactory!
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